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Migratory Bird Day!

Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program (LCR MSCP) staff members take part in Migratory Bird Day at Sunset Park in Henderson, NV!


Technology Sheds Light on the Mystery of Western Yellow-billed Cuckoo Migration

The wind is starting to bite, making us shiver. We bundle deeper into our jackets and look up toward the sun, hoping for a bit of warmth, and then catch a glimpse of birds soaring through the cerulean sky, heading south for the winter. Their destination, and the route they take to get there, is not easy to discover, especially when those birds are as secretive as the western yellow-billed cuckoo.


ASU Students Gain Hands-on Experience with Native Fish Conservation at Lake Havasu

Five students from Arizona State University Colleges at Lake Havasu City got up close and personal with endangered fish conservation efforts during this year’s “razorback roundup” on Lake Havasu.  Lake Havasu is home to three native Colorado River fish, including the razorback sucker, bonytail, and the flannelmouth sucker.